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In the last couple of years I have become increasingly disenchanted with the political landscape here in the US and, to varying degrees, elsewhere in the world.

I am sickened by the inequalities in this country and, in the face of so much disparity, the astonishing greed of the Haves to expand that gulf rather than reach out to the Have Nots… or at the very least to pay their share of taxes (tax avoidance is at an all-time high at the moment among the rich).

Why is it in this astonishingly prosperous country do we have a minimum wage that in adjusted dollars doesn’t reach the level of the 1960s? Where is the progress in that?

I have been appalled by how co-opted the political process is by Big Business. Neither side of the political field seems able to stand up to them. We are now owned and run by the most powerful business interests in the world. No wonder our education, the environment, and healthcare sectors are all defunct….

It’s easy to understand why even those of us who are dismayed by what is going on also feel a tremendous apathy in the face of this David and Goliath battle to re-establish a sound democracy free of the current special-interest stranglehold.

This is why I love this new book of Ralph Nader’s  “Told You So”. He urges us to not give up, not to give in, but rather to get re-involved in the political process. If we collectively insist that our representatives in Washington hold our best interests ahead of corporations we can reverse the dismal political trends we see today.  After all, they are not only dependent of corporate financial support but ultimately they need our votes to get elected.

I don’t care what side of the political fence you are on, this book should be required reading.  To read it is to realize how blithely we as a nation have allowed ourselves to be bought and sold, to be used and discarded, by most of our political leaders whether Republican or Democrat.

I loved the line in the book that said, “If we are all doing well, we are all doing well.” Shocking how little that philosophy is applied to our current policies that consistently seem to punish the poor and disenfranchised and help the rich get richer.  And I am writing from the fortunate side of the fence!





By the way, Ralph Nader has been pushed out of the political discourse. He has to go abroad to places like Canada to receive any attention from the mainstream media. It would seem that no one who is part of our decaying system wants to take a good hard look in the mirror…