Some fashion trends rush out of style for good reason. One of these is overalls on women. I mean, how often are they flattering to any woman regardless of age or size?

To see how truly, laughably hideous this trend revival can be check out this article in this Sunday’s NYTimes…. These poor women are the personification of fashion victimhood. We need a 12-step program for people who will abort all good sense in order to jump on whatever nonsense style bandwagon that comes along. Take a look at the link below and make up your own mind.


From bad…Image

To worse…


I’m sorry to offend the overall lovers of the world but, unless you are working on a farm or you’re 5 years old, this look is plain ridiculous. Not to mention super hard to pull off with any sort of dignity.

Yet another example of the fashion world hood-winking women into buying clothes so hideous they will be sending them to Goodwill in about 30 seconds after purchase…

About novelkudos

After working as an interior designer for 20 years, I am putting out a novel that borrows heavily from my experiences in the design trenches working in New York City and San Francisco. To protect those who inspired my characters I am writing under a pseudonym. I am a lover of food, books, both hi and low-brow, travel, yoga, teenagers (especially when they aren't mine!), entrepreneurialism, astrology and pretty much anything that is credibly woo-woo (and no, to me that isn't a contradiction in terms!).

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