And Speaking of Apples…



There was a wonderful article recently in New York Magazine, really a conversation between Adam Platt (food critic) and Michael Pollan (author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, among other seminal books on food, ‎), in which Pollan dispensed what I think may be the easiest, Most elegant diet philosophy I have ever heard of:

“But one rule that somebody gave me is, if you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re not really hungry. There’s a lot of wisdom in that. We eat, regardless of hunger. We eat just for recreation. We eat because there’s nothing else to do. We eat out of boredom. We eat out of loneliness. All these other reasons we have to eat. We eat to avoid going back to work. So if you asked yourself that question, you’ll often realize, “You know, I’m actually not hungry,” and you will not eat. Or, “Yeah, I am hungry enough to eat an apple,” in which case, you might eat an apple, which is fine. That’s what you should eat when you’re snacking.

So it’s a mind game?
It’s a mind game.”

Here’s the link to this article:


I think it’s worth trying, at least for a week, to see if you don’t notice how many times you reach for food out of boredom, or stress, or just to take a break, rather than out of outright hunger….

I know that as a person working from home I am particularly susceptible to grazing my way through the day. I bought a big bag of apples and ate one every time I had the urge for what I would normally eat: nuts, hummus, chocolate… I can tell you I ate a lot of apples that week!

This brings me to my other discovery, and I’m not the only to think this: the new one-room floorplans we are all wanting in our homes, you know those mega rooms that contain our kitchen, living and dining spaces combined, are making us FAT!.

It’s true!


The so-called Great Room is greatly increasing our likelihood of gaining a muffin top.

This is how: remember when you were young, well, when I was young at least: my parents didn’t allow us into the kitchen between meals. Unless it was a meal time the kitchen was cold, dark, and contained very little to eat. At our house there were certainly no snacks. Cocktail peanuts were kept in the bar and monitored closely by my father (because he hated when people dropped by and the jar was empty!).

Today’s kitchen is always open for business. In fact, it’s very placement, at the center of the house, makes it THE place to be. Add to this fact that our oversize pantries are packed with easy-to -reach snacks,and you have your answer about the extra pounds most of us are carrying around, usually despite dedication to exercise, and sensible mealtime eating.

So my word for the day is APPLE!

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