Bad Cupcakes!


Yesterday I wrote about using cupcakes as props rather than indulgences and here’s why.

 I know, I know, a chick-lit author is supposed to LOVE cupcakes… high heels…sappy movies…

 I am not that woman. Cupcakes are too cake-like and sweetIt’s not that I don’t like desserts although I am somewhat in Michael Pollan’s ( camp : the first bite is always the best, so why not stop there?

 All those years I lived in New York, I never understood what all the fuss was about Magnolia Bakery ( . I would see lines of shivering women waiting outside its doors in the middle of winter and wonder what in God’s name could be so delicious about their cupcakes. At that time a friend gave me a Magnolia tower o’ cupcakes and it left me amazed: these cupcakes were….ORDINARY!

 Yet another sad example of how duped we are generally by hype…

 Give me an affogato at Clark’s Oyster Bar ( in Austin any day. It’s the most delicious ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over it: bitter and sweet in perfect harmony. There it is below before the espresso gets poured on….


About novelkudos

After working as an interior designer for 20 years, I am putting out a novel that borrows heavily from my experiences in the design trenches working in New York City and San Francisco. To protect those who inspired my characters I am writing under a pseudonym. I am a lover of food, books, both hi and low-brow, travel, yoga, teenagers (especially when they aren't mine!), entrepreneurialism, astrology and pretty much anything that is credibly woo-woo (and no, to me that isn't a contradiction in terms!).

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