Anyone else out there enamored with the Sunday Times’ Vows section?  (http://www.nytimes.com/pages/fashion/weddings/index.html)

It is must reading for me, and not the online copy either. I pour over the small bios, and inspect the pictures, to imagine what is left unsaid.

My favourites are the odd pairings: the Indian girl with the Jewish man, the couple in their 70s whose previous roles were as brother and sister-in-law, the gay men finally allowed to formalize their union, the neurologist and the muralist…


Using these evidentiary breadcrumbs, I like to extrapolate a picture of their childhoods, who they hung out with in college, what their wedding party was like, their first shared home…its wedding voyeurism.

To me these little capsules are a microscopic Whartonesque novella of modern love.

Last year, when casting about for a subject to write about for NaNoWriMo, I decided to use one of the wedding announcements as my jumping off point. “Half-Lies” my work-in-progress is based on a particularly intriguing announcement. To tell why it caught my eye would be to give the twist in the book away, it’s that juicy.

Just click on the link below from last week’s edition and see if it doesn’t get your writer’s mind buzzing on the possibilities….



About novelkudos

After working as an interior designer for 20 years, I am putting out a novel that borrows heavily from my experiences in the design trenches working in New York City and San Francisco. To protect those who inspired my characters I am writing under a pseudonym. I am a lover of food, books, both hi and low-brow, travel, yoga, teenagers (especially when they aren't mine!), entrepreneurialism, astrology and pretty much anything that is credibly woo-woo (and no, to me that isn't a contradiction in terms!).

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