Beach Reads for Smart Blondes


Last year, when I went to Tulum, Mexico, half the women on the beach were reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Now I am no book snob, just take a peek at my novel, Curry Aple Pie (a paltry 99 cent download on Amazon) and this will be instantlyconfirmed, BUT merely one chapter of this book and I was ready to pluck my eyeballs out and donate them to science rather than go on reading.

Of course, there is no accounting for taste and, clearly, the writer of the Fifty Shades series tapped into something important about female readership which is it really, really, truly loves to read about sex.

For those of us out there who are sexy as hell and  like good, entertaining writing (although the books below are not sexy reads, I’m still waiting to find a good one of those), here are three books I think make MUCH better beach reads:

Where’d You Go Bernadette?  This is a hilarious fast-paced read that I could not put down once I got started. The writer, Maria Semple, wrote for television before writing this and it shows in her incredible dialogue. You feel like you are ‘watching’ this novel rather than reading it.


The Love Story of Jonny Valentine by Teddy Wayne is a surprisingly poignant recreation of what the world of a Justin Bieber-esque star might be like. I love roman-a-clefs novels and this is a very Belieberish one!


Little-Known Facts by Christine Sneed is another book that deals with celebrity, this time the protagonist is a movie star with grown children.  Again, the writer’s attention to the details make this story ring remarkably true.


My next novel, Half-Lies, is going to be full of sex with a kind of creepy edge so, if you like that kind of thing, stay posted….



About novelkudos

After working as an interior designer for 20 years, I am putting out a novel that borrows heavily from my experiences in the design trenches working in New York City and San Francisco. To protect those who inspired my characters I am writing under a pseudonym. I am a lover of food, books, both hi and low-brow, travel, yoga, teenagers (especially when they aren't mine!), entrepreneurialism, astrology and pretty much anything that is credibly woo-woo (and no, to me that isn't a contradiction in terms!).

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