Travel Plans


I just got back from my annual yoga retreat in Mexico and it dawned on me that when I travel I should make a list while I’m wherever it is noting all the things I am glad I packed and all the things i should have packed or the things I needn’t have. For example, I had forgotten that Quintana Roo is infested with mosquitoes and you need industrial grade bug repellent.  If I had a list of things that I could refer to, for example, when I’m going on a weekend shopping trip with girlfriends (mini umbrella), or romantic getaway with husband (scented candle and ipod speakers), or cruise with children (little fanny pack for them to keep keys, sunscreen, sunglasses), then I my bags might contain more of the things I’d want, and less of the crap I didn’t (4 pairs of evening shoes, anyone?).This was home sweet home for a whole week:  cottage no. 2 at Maya Tulum, Mexico.

About novelkudos

After working as an interior designer for 20 years, I am putting out a novel that borrows heavily from my experiences in the design trenches working in New York City and San Francisco. To protect those who inspired my characters I am writing under a pseudonym. I am a lover of food, books, both hi and low-brow, travel, yoga, teenagers (especially when they aren't mine!), entrepreneurialism, astrology and pretty much anything that is credibly woo-woo (and no, to me that isn't a contradiction in terms!).

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