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This is what remains of the legendary Alexandrian Library at Ephesus, in Turkey. It is one of the wonders of the world today but in its day it stood as the depository of the world’s most learned tomes gathered in antiquity. Books then were rare, precious, often one-of-a-kind manuscripts jealously guarded by the wealthy and noble. Today, Ephesus is thronged year-round by tourists many of whom haven’t set foot in a library or bought a physical book in the last few years. It is not that we have stopped reading, apparently book sales are on the rise from last year, but that we read differently, digitally.

Three years ago, I wrote a novel that I called CURRY APPLE PIE. I worried that as a full-time interior designer, and mum of three,  I lacked the writing chops to hope getting it published. Publication to an untried writer can seem as monumental and unscalable as, well, the Alexandrian Library.  But this month,  I finally got the courage up  to epublish it because life should be an adventure and if you don’t lace up your sneakers and get your ass on the track you’re never going to know which itineraries were available to you that you left undiscovered.

This is the blog that I have created to support readership of CURRY APPLE PIE and any of its future siblings.

It will not be a blog purely about writing. Like my book, and as its title suggests, I am deeply interested and involved with food, but also travel, design, art, health, child raising, relationships, in other words, what makes life sweet.

People are often asking me where should I eat when I got to (fill in the blank)? What’s the best lingerie store in Paris? How did you lose 20 LBS and keep them off for over a year? What’s a good book for a long plane ride? And because I have led a crazy, rich, full, fortunate life I frequently have an answer that seems to keep them coming back for more. I’m a big believer in sharing THE INSIDE SCOOP, and thereby encouraging and promoting everyone out there who’s doing IT right.

So look out for regular posts on a variety of subjects which hopefully can enhance your experiences.

I am also going to be launching a MAJOR GIVEAWAY to anybody who buys (gasp!) reads, reviews or helps get the word out there about, CURRY APPLE PIE.  But more on that later when I have it all set up and my book is actually available online, which it isn’t yet.

Until then, I welcome all comments.

PS  I am writing this blog, and the novel, under a pseudonym, Alexandra McGowan, because so much of my life is in the novel and will be in this blog and I’d like to keep it as drama-free as possible!

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